How to take yourself on a proper date..

This isn’t some take yourself out or do something nice to stroke your ego article. It’s actually quite the opposite and much less expensive….

Tonight is a night of your distinctive splendor: a combination of the finest of everything you have to offer.
From the superficial experience of your best fragrance to the core of your most genuine being, you’re ready for the best date of your life thus far! As you stand in front of your mirror, the excitement agitates every bone in your body. You decide to entertain your imagination and visualize each enticing detail.

You can see all of the intricacies and appreciate every ounce of passion that went into the planning of this exceptional date. At this point, it would have been impossible for you to go any further in satisfying your every taste.
But then, you realize the date is taking place right there, literally right in front of your mirror…..

Despite your disappointment, you pull up a chair and sit directly in front of the mirror facing the finest of yourself.
“Are you impressed?”
Can you believe it? That’s your date’s first question to you. Not how are you? How was your day? But:

Fighting to conceal a rush of confusion, You almost want to scream:

“Let’s see… um, Why would I be impressed by this foolishness you call a date?”
Instead, you pause for a while to understand the question. You realize your date wasn’t talking about the setting at all but rather the people, or in this case person on the date.
Looking at the Best of you, you’re forced to honestly think about how impressive you really find yourself or how much you actually buy into your own hype. You analyze every aspect of your life based on where you currently are emotionally, financially, intellectually etc.

As the date progresses, you also analyze who you are: how you handle situations, why you’re motivated to anything that you do, what you want out of life, your relationships, and the personality that is yours.

You wonder if living out the rest of your life where you are right now would be an impressive and satisfying life to live BY YOUR STANDARDS. Would you have fulfilled your potential? Would you be proud of yourself? and would you buy into your own hype?

Although you already knew the answers, hearing them honestly and out loud from your date’s mouth feels different. By the end of the night, you ask your date the most important question of all: Are you convenience or the one?
“Convenience” is the work in progress that is your current self aiming to find “the one”. The one is still a work in progress, however, it is your ideal self. If your answer is convenience, that’s okay. You value yourself enough to realize you can do and deserve so much better than you currently have to offer.

While you may continue to date your current self, you have faith it isn’t the one. There is better so you don’t settle and continue to work toward a more fulfilling version of you.

If your answer is: “ I am the one”, it doesn’t mean you don’t value yourself and I must certainly congratulate you for having self-actualized.

You will have multiple love affairs with yourself, a lot of which will be with convenience whom you will drop once “the one” comes around. Sometimes, you may even fool yourself into believing you have found “the one” when you think you have a solid idea of who you are and where you’re heading. Hopefully, you will continue to take yourself on such proper dates where interaction and asking legitimate questions is required. They should help you discern the difference between convenience and the one.

Well, it was a pleasure; hopefully your date was a success and happy Valentine’s day!!

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